Do I have to be LGBTQIA+ to use Kalda?

Who Kalda is for and why we are referral_link first

Thursday, 4 February Al Dee & Charlotte Fountaine
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Why is Kalda only for the LGBTQIA+ community?

We know that people in the LGBTQIA+ community are disproportionately affected by mental health issues. We know how hard it is to find relevant support, with people who understand our lived experience. That’s why Kalda is about community, connection, support, vulnerability and safety.

Why is having a shared identity so important in the community?

Google did a study on what conditions create the most productive teams. They discovered it’s not about the age of the people in the teams, or shared hobbies, or how many years of experience people in that team have. The teams that performed the best at the Google headquarters felt it was safe space to be heard and to make mistakes.

At Kalda we know that teams, groups and therapy are all better when people feel safe. People feel safer when they have a shared identity of shared purpose. That’s why Kalda is for and by the LGBTQIA+ community.

Why is having a shared identity important in group therapy?

The make-up of the group is important because it creates a feeling of psychological safety. Group therapy has been scientifically proven to be most successful when the group have a shared identity or shared purpose (NCBI). This is why Kalda provides group therapy for the LGBTQIA+ community.

What about LGBTQIA+ people who aren’t out?

Thank you for your indignation there. We are here for those people. We hear those people. If you are those people we are here for you and you are welcome to join Kalda. On sign up people create a username, and we encourage people to remain anonymous on the platform. You connect to group therapy via Zoom so you may wish to change your Zoom name to connect.

I’m not sure I am LGBTQIA+, but I’ve been invited to Kalda

If you feel you don’t identify strictly as being LGBTQIA+ but you’re an ally, or someone who is questioning or curious, you’re still welcome on the Kalda platform. A Kaldan (someone who uses Kalda!) has invited you and wants you in their support network.

Someone has invited you and vouched for you. They’ve said that you are important to their mental health journey and their community and their support network. And that means that YOUR mental health is important to them, and so it is important to US.

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